Customer Service automation

Chaotic back office procedures? Spending too much time on administration?

The most important attribute of a good customer service is a fast response time. How quickly do you respond to your own customers? You can’t afford your colleagues spending their time on documentation processes at the expense of client experience, right?

You don’t have the proper background and infrastructure that an efficient client service requires?

Instead of speaking to the actual customers your colleagues spend their valuable time and energy with administration tasks? As you are probably aware, when customers feel their problems mistreated, they probably won’t hold back telling you about it. It is truly demotivating to get negative feedback, despite you feeling you’ve done everything you could for the customer.

Don't let your competition snatch potential customers away from you!

At an average company 80% of the customer service functions could be automated! But how exactly automated customer service benefits your organization? You’re not just saving time and energy but money too, by automating your customer service processes. The main part of customer service functions will run smoothly, shortly and without any flaws. Now is the time to say goodbye to negative customer experience, and unnecessary stress!



Customer Service automation

How does customer service automation work?

We create a stable backend system with support channels for your customers, including self service. With self service your customer can find the solution for the actual problem within a few moments, so there is no need for human assistance, only in unique cases.
The benefits of automation of manual processes.

This system enables customers to register all their customer data, for example the serial number and the warranty datas of a certain product they’ve bought from your company. At this point the system excludes most of the possible errors, therefore when a complaint comes in, people at the helpdesk will exactly know what should be the problem and what are the necessary measures to solve it. All in all: an automated customer service is basically about setting up specific workflows and processes well in advance. Workflow automation involves considering the best practices so as to speed up the way your team works.
You can reach all the important data at one platform! Efficiency without any flaw, real-time!

Automated remarketing and lead qualification processes- in perfect silence, flawlessly behind the curtains. It enables your team to manage all your customer data within one dashboard, within a moment. Automation gives volume to both internal and external communication, so no more undetectable work procedures, or excursively documented case, no more lost complaints or follow ups.
Say goodbye to all the Excel sheets, lost and found documents and information lying at the bottom of your mailbox. From now on: transparency, simplicity and happy customers.

Our vision is a panoramic view on customer portfolios! Our vision is the next step towards maximum efficiency.

Connecting sales and customer service processes we are getting this so-called 360 degree panoramic picture of your customers.

This is a more than ideal state because any member of your team could reach  all the customer data (complaints, questions, requests) with one dashboard, in no time.
This could be a real game changer in your client management processes, creating a fully transparent, fast and precise workflow to all your colleagues. Everybody seeing the same data speeds up both internal and external communication, everything happens real-time, the system even delegates tasks to employees.

This is how everybody likes client services: maximum productivity and transparency, satisfied customers  and healthy working environment with minimum effort!
This is what we believe in!