Marketing automation

Take the lead and optimise your company’s marketing automation!

Now is the time to optimise all the processes within your company.  How much time are you wasting on manual, repetitive tasks? Make it easier for your colleagues and yourself, and save a considerable amount of time and energy! Automate your company’s back office and marketing processes!

Most of the Back-Office Functions Should Be Automated!

Reporting, lead qualification, remarketing, social media posts- these processes represent 70% of an average marketing department’s tasks and they are calling out for automation!

Pardot is the ultimate solution for all of this! Pardot is a B2B marketing automation tool from Salesforce. It can be used to create and track automated marketing campaigns, analyse prospect activity and engagement, and guide prospects through the buying journey.
Pardot eliminates routine work, creating opportunities for your employees to support the business in exciting new ways by focusing on what really matters: your clientele!

Why use Pardot? Learn more about Salesforce’s Nr.1 B2B marketing automation tool!

Pardot, Sales Cloud and Salesforce integrate seamlessly to help your business achieve its full capacity! Pardot is more than user friendly, your marketers will know it all right after their first training customized to your company’s specific needs. No more time wasted, after a few days lead time your business can start a brand new chapter in it’s own history.

More valuable data without any risk. How to improve your business marketing campaigns?

Say goodbye to exhausting processes, to annoying half measures or to the desperate searching of lost information at the bottom of your mailbox! Pardot’s data management system helps businesses generate leads, nurture them and monitor their preferences and measure marketing ROI. All the important data in one place, without any flaw, real-time! Don’t you want to know how much did that new customer cost you? Then start to measure ROI!




Make it easier for your team, save them a massive amount of time and energy!

With the help of Pardot, you can see and handle  all the leads and your potential new  clients - contracts even- on the same platform. Automated remarketing and lead qualification processes- in perfect silence, flawlessly behind the curtains. Pardot can be used to analyse prospect activity and engagement, and guide prospects through the buying journey. When a hot lead  comes in, Pardot will send automatic notifications to your sales team giving them all the important information on the potential new customer.

No more balks, no more time wasted!
How Marketing Automation Benefits Your Sales team?

Pardot lead scoring allows you to automatically track the engagement of your prospects, giving marketers the ability to segment leads by level of interest from the first click on your landing page. This enables your sales team to make a customized offer to all the hot leads!  Not to mention that it allows you to manage all the social media platforms from a single dashboard. Aside from these  Pardot  helps you to build anding pages without needing a web developer. Since they’re hosted by Pardot, you can also build in automation based on whether a prospect has previously viewed or submitted a landing page. Use Pardot and you will find all the useful tools to ease your marketing team’s work!

Are you ready for  the next level?

Measure the ability of your marketing campaigns to generate new revenue!

Want to know how much does it cost to gain a new customer? Pardot The ROI calculator is designed to show you exactly how many leads in your database need to be nurtured, how many sales opportunities you are missing, and the revenue you could be leaving on the table. Pardot generates these reports automatically, without any errors.

Track your marketing campaigns real time!

We are handling you the #1 solution of marketing automation! Take the next step towards your company’s maximum capacity!

Pardot is the marketing automation solution that helps your company to create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals.

Endless developing processes, malfunctions in the daily routine or production? - and the results: money, time and energy wasted- We know this all too well! Put your trust in Us! At Bitmist, we don’t have Junior accounts or endless projects, neither additional expenses!

We believe in cost-effective, fast paced and in the same time up to date and high quality solutions. We also believe that Pardot is the Falcon 9 of marketing automation. It will shortly bring your company’s sales and marketing processes on a new level, as it integrates to the Salesforce and Sales Cloud system seamlessly.

And the reason we love Pardot so much: It’s transparency and simplicity! It enables your team to manage all your prospects data within one dashboard, within a moment. More reasons? Ok. Pardot gives volume to the internal communication, so no more undetectable work procedures, or excursively documented case, no more lost follow ups or hot leads.

Manual reporting and monitoring is over too. Integrating Pardot and Google Ads allows you to check all parts of your campaign with only a few clicks. Constant flow of collecting and analysing data, successful campaigns, growing clientele- this is the road to success.

Flawless, automated marketing processes, smooth internal communication, record -breaking ads campaigns- This is what we believe in. Make your marketing department stand-out!