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Enhance your business with Microsoft’s industry leading cloud computing platform. As a Microsoft Silver Partner we help  companies move server workloads to the cloud for security and cost savings.

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What is Azure?

Azure is an enterprise-grade collection of services that covers all functions of a modern business – from running simple backups to moving a complete office infrastructure – allowing companies to develop, test, deploy, and manage products and services in the cloud.

Why should I use Azure?

Azure provides both immediate and long-term benefits to your bottom line, by leveraging a more reliable system to cut costs and free up internal IT staff.


Realize the benefits of a BitMist partnership


We’ll help you move all your business critical applications to a modern, Microsoft-run platform you can trust.


We keep the pace: We know you need technology implemented quickly, with minimal business interruption.


We are Azure experts: Our certified experts will show you how to free up time, reduce IT costs, and improve data security.


We train the team: Hands on training on intuitive tools makes the switch easy for your team.




Omixon grew from a startup into a market leader position in only 4 years through efficient conversion of international conference leads into successful sales deals with a global clientele.


Using Salesforce, Tech-People seamlessly integrated all its sales and recruitment processes into one application, transforming them into one of the most successful specialized local recruitment agencies in Hungary working with large corporate clients.​

Professional Services

Marton works with local companies nationwide, and saved 45% on admin costs through automating their internal processes. Best of all, they increased sales volume by 34% in the first year due to adopting the Salesforce platform.

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