Automation - The secret of swift and easy operation

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Many companies struggle with similar problems in their sales, marketing and CRM processes and tasks. Data analysis, authorisation, approval, quotations, administration. There are daily challenges that do not need special human skills, but are nevertheless important. It is just that everybody hates to do them, so they are constantly put off or often forgotten.

‍Oops, I missed this vs. I have time for this, too

That is understandable, because nothing is as tedious as entering boring data manually. Or grouping leads and customers according to 10-20 criteria. Or updating e-mails in 24/7 to make sure you send a prompt answer to partners, even if it amounts to “we’re on it, I’ll contact you soon”. The latter may not work out even if your people virtually work as many-armed “multitasking gods and goddesses”.

Fortunately, cutting edge automation systems – when optimised for your company’s needs with insights from savvy experts – are available to spare your valuable workforce from having to perform endless tasks and your customers from having to wait long for a reply or result.

Ideal technical solutions aid your team members in maxing out their super powers. Batman has Alfred to provide a safe background, so that he can focus on the most vital tasks. You also deserve someone (or rather something) that sorts and answers incoming requests automatically with a set of handy templates. This way special tasks – which are 10-15% of all inquiries – are left for the superheroes to deal with.

“Our customers are very diverse.”

So many companies, so many habits and customers, indeed. Customer demands and incoming information vary across industries.

It would be splendid to integrate all the amassed experience into a genuinely innovative and fast system. The relevant CRM automation experts can help you configure a customer interest scoring system and a standardised, yet flexible process to accelerate the offer, contracting or ordering process that multiplies the efficiency of your marketing and sales teams. Lead management, approval procedures and data validation, among others, can become faster, more accurate, and perhaps most importantly automatic. This will leave enough time and energy for everybody to exhibit their skills and knowledge where and when your company needs them the most.

A beneficial side effect of implementing such a system is that workflows are inevitably standardised, sending not only the offer process, but the preceding profiling to an automated path, and average customer journey shrinks from weeks to mere hours.

Smoother and faster operation granted by customer service / complaint management / customer support automation means prompt service and response time, and ultimately less attrition.

It sounds good, but what about the figures?

A larger, satisfied clientéle is fortunately not a matter of opinion.

Our expert consultants help companies realise quantifyable results. Our partnership with SimplePay generated 40% more offers with the same capacity and 20% more contracts than before.

This goes to show that CRM processes are possible and worth automating. This particularly applies to the services market with a large amount of administration tasks or long sales cycles. If your company typically runs such operrations, then you should not procrastinate long.

Once you consider the quality (and speed) difference between a company where everything is on paper (or in the heads of senior officials) and an enterprise utilising automation assisted decision-making (e.g. SimplePay, Omixon or Lightware), you will immediately want to consult the best automation specialists in Hungary who offer technical solutions tailored to your business problems and challenges to make CRM much easier and faster.

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