We give you the tools to develop all business areas. The coordination of sales, CRM and marketing information create the so-called 360° customer view. The cloud based Salesforce system is completely secure, transparent and available anywhere, any time. Clear data and accelerated communication result in seamless workflows. Everyone wants to run their business like this. Transparent and efficient work, satisfied customers – this is our creed!

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud sales automation platform assists your sales team and managers to get an overview of their work.

It gives insight into processes enabling you to develop your general sales strategy from setting sales quotas through regional management to sales forecasts.

The figures show you a comprehensive view of individual and team performance, which managers can use to plan and optimise sales resources and processes.

The system enhances efficiency by providing a full view of your customers, including daily business operations tracking, contact details, customer interactions and the related intra-company discussions.

Creating and managing offers become easy to follow for your team. Supports offer format standardisation, enables the quotation process and offer status monitoring.

New business opportunities and leads management is simply integrated.

Data analysis, business reports and intuitive dashboard displays support management decisions.

Service Cloud

World champion of sales support!

Service Cloud gives you a 360° view of your customers and enables you to provide smarter, faster and highly customised services.

Use Service Cloud to automate your service processes and streamline internal workflows.

Establishing a direct, personalised contact with your customers through multiple channels and devices has never been so simple.

Your customer service always has up-to-date and valid information about your partners, which you can leverage to answer your customers’ inquiries, requests and problems.

Marketing Cloud

Always send the right message at the right time!

Our Marketing Cloud platform grants customised customer experience on all communication channels and devices.

Your marketing team can send the most relevant information at the right time throughout the customer journey.

The platform boasts integrated solutions for customising customer journey management, e-mails, mobile devices, social networks and websites, advertisements, content creation and management, and data analysis.

The comparison of customer behaviour and data in real time enables you to give relevant, prepared and smart answers to your customers.


Your customer becomes a member of your team!

Pardot gives you a single platform to view and manage all your leads, prospects and even contracts.

Processes – including remarketing and lead qualification – run automated silently and flawlessly in the background.

The system scores based on various activities, determining customer engagement level.

An automatic notification is sent to Sales whenever a hot lead turns up, and you may receive relevant information on prospects.

No hiccups, no lost time.

Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud is the online social platform of Salesforce enabling businesses to connect their customers, partners and employees, as well as data and records required for cooperation.

Community Cloud allows you to simplify, coordinate and expand business processes to include various business departments, even offices in other continents, and externally your customers and partners.

The resulting uniform Salesforce business ecosystem lets all users serve customers more efficiently, close transactions faster and work in real time.

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