we show you how to grow your revenue through business process automation

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our world has changed completely in recent years

The pandemic has disproved many obsolete assumptions about digital transformation. New times have brought new challenges to companies. You are aware of the huge potential in automation and you must act now, because bold players do so right now in your market...

...only you face at least one of these problems!

Your current software is unsuitable, outdated.

You know you could be more efficient, but something prevents you from progressing.

You could grow, but your current tools are inadequate.

You want instant change, but have no plan.

There is too much information and choices, but you cannot compare them.

Nobody can tell you in straight business terms how to begin.

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you need the best solution to win in this new situation

You need to know exactly what and how to automate in your business,and what revenue growth this brings in the foreseeable future. You need advice that is...


You don’t need to wait months to get ahead of competitors who still plan on paper or just waste time in meetings.


You will work with experienced professionals instead of leaving your company in the hands of enthusiastic amateurs.


In each case you receive a ROI calculation of your project you can base your decision on instead of marketing lingo.


If you accept our suggestions, we guarantee that your revenue grow at the expected pace and rate.

we show you how to grow your revenue through process automation

imagine taking a leading position in the market by automating the following key processes

customer service

sales automation

No more missed quotes, phone calls, unsigned hard copy contracts or excuses.
Tasks are executed in minutes instead of weeks.

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marketing automation

We build automated marketing systems that target your potential customers with personalised content, ads and messages through the appropriate channels at the right time.

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customer service automation

Keep track of even the tiniest of customer inquiries.
Eliminate communication clutter and reduce stress as everyone can follow the progress of open cases.

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we show you how to grow your revenue through process automation

here’s how to take your business to the next level through automation


Share your problems and goals with us. The more detailed the better, so we can focus on your priorities.


We deliver a clear, detailed roadmap and action plan with real solutions that produce outstanding results.


Our development actions are always traceable and transparent, taking you to a new world where you feel at home.


We teach how your team can make the most of the system, and continue to support you after implementation.


bitmist’s expertise helped us cut our 2 week lead time for our processes to only 2 days, and the obstacles posed by COVID were easily taken with the implemented system.

Our customer acquisition costs showed a decreasing trend already after 1 month, the results were in line with the preliminary ROI calculation.

Also they are fun people to work with!

Gergely Kovács
Business Development Manager
OTP Mobil

Bringing sales in 11 countries to a uniform level in 3 months is a massive challenge. The attitude of the guys, both professionally and personally, was a huge help in making this happen.

Communication was frank and down to earth, they took the time to understand our processes from the ground up, and delivered a custom solution that performs as per our expectations.

I'm glad life has brought us together!

Krisztián Taivainen
Head of Global Sales
Lightware Visual Engineering

Salesforce.com is one of the most important systems Omixon’s operations, covering our customer acquisition, sales, delivery and manufacturing processes.

The system was and is still customised by bitmist.
We rely on the bitmist team not only as technology experts, but also as process management professionals.

I wholeheartedly recommend bitmist!

Simon Zoltán
Managing Director
Omixon Biocomputing

message from the founder

Many people think that introducing automation to a business is a lengthy and costly process only large companies can afford.

In fact, small decisions can quickly bring spectacular results. Many people are afraid that they would lose their jobs.

On the contrary, they will spend the same time much more efficiently!

And finally, let’s be honest: these are times where there is no more room for excuses.

Those who ultimately make the much-delayed decisions will win.

We are here to help you along the way!

Istvan Kellenyi, founder
Vera Koncz, managing director

we advise you on business process automation