planning & strategy


We help you win by leveraging the Salesforce ecosystem. Make your daily work easier with the latest software solutions. You won’t see any run-of-the-mill solutions from us, because we tailor and fine-tune Salesforce to your needs. Forget about negative customer experience, dissatisfied partners and needless stress!

needs assessment

Each Salesforce project requires an action plan in the first place.

We listen to your problems, concepts and ideas, and optimise your requirements in a cloud solution.

Our consultants provide special services to help you prepare for your upcoming Salesforce project.

We do not only assist you in the initial deployment of Salesforce, but focus on the entire system so you can make the most of its benefits.

strategy formulation

We believe in long-term, complex and forward-looking solutions.

We are with you from the first steps of planning to implementation, developing your digitalisation strategy with a focus on process development.

Salesforce is the strongest CRM platform, but you can leverage its full potential only if you have the appropriate workflows in place and a clear view of your business processes.

Our specialists work with you in formulating your strategy to streamline your business operations so you get the most with your new CRM system.

system design

We are Salesforce experts. We show you how to get the most out of the system functionalities cost-efficiently, while reducing customer management costs and maximising sales!

We have extensive knowledge of the platform and passionately look for the suitable solutions for systemic and unique business problems and requirements.

Use the flexibility of Salesforce!


As your highly experienced Salesforce partner, we are here to help you with any matters concerning Salesforce.

bitmist’s team works closely with you to implement your tasks right from the kick-off meeting.

We turn needs into clear tasks, then into actions, documenting the implementation method used as the blueprint for your custom solution.

We take your identified strategy to create a process design to implement the developments and system settings.

Then we test them.We deliver unique, custom and ready-to-use business solutions.

we advise you on business process automation