We offer automated solutions for all business areas and industries. We find solutions to the most complex problems and help in making your diversified activities clear and well organised. Salesforce integration with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system multiplies your resources.

finance / Fintech

Accelerate the digital transformation of customer relations with Salesforce.

Manage contracting processes with your partners in a secure environment required of financial service providers. Carry out standardised business processes, document and customer data management on an integrated single platform.

Manage the work of banking, insurance or investment brokers’ work coordinated, market and customer data synchronised ensuring that information is shared with the appropriate people at the right time.

Always have up-to-date information from internal or third parties available for smooth synergy between managers, analysts and CRM associates.


Stay ahead of your competitors with our customer-centric solution!

We show you how to manage customer, partner and employee interactions on a single platform integrated with customer service.

Improve sales and grab new growth potential with scalable digital manufacturing solutions!

Optimise the work of field service teams and technicians with a 360-degree view of your customers.

We deploy a smart service support for you to track customer demands, material consumption and warranty services.


Accelerate your R&D and innovation processes!

Salesforce ensures transparency and collaboration in all development stages.

Bring even remote research teams closer together and consolidate research data processing on a common digital platform to drive your innovation efforts.

Salesforce provides an ideal cloud based background to coordinate your science and business processes.


Transform your business processes to become an innovative energy industry leader!

Make the most of our applications developed for the energy industry and be the winner with our agile platform that satisfies the demands of suppliers, customers and communities alike.

Drive real time cooperation between all stakeholders and asset managers in the value chain through instant access to critical data and fast decision-making.

Use Salesforce to make major progress towards achieving your sustainability goals.

Prepare for a sustainable future on an agile platform that adapts to new processes and supports you in the transformation of your business model!

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