E-mail and home office

Having nightmares about your company’s internal emailing? So many errors and yet so little storing-space?

Do you feel your business has a lack of proper background and IT infrastructure which interferes with efficient work? Chaotic back office procedures, lost information, unfinished projects, forgotten calls, while there are hundreds of unread emails waiting in your mailbox? We know how you feel, and we also know that this is the fastest way to negative customer experience.

Wouldn't you like to handle all the back office processes, documents and administration tasks from a cloud based system?

It never pays off to waste precious time and energy on back office and administration tasks instead of real client work. As you are probably aware, when customers feel their problems mistreated, they probably won’t hold back telling you about it. It is truly demotivating to get negative feedback, despite you feeling you’ve done everything you could for the customer.

World class cloud based solutions are the basis of your business success!

Discover all the benefits of the world’s leading cloud-based business platform! World class e-mail and business system with the professional experience of Microsoft and Bitmist! Handle all your business data within one platform! If you are aiming to maximum efficiency, then choose Microsoft 365!



AUTOMATED back-office

Microsoft 365 – World’s safest cloud based business solutions.

Save time and energy by optimising clogging business processes. You should see how much time and energy you can save if you give the right tools to your employees. Eliminate routine work, create opportunities for your employees to support the business in exciting new ways by focusing on what really matters: your clientele and your partners. Let’s move your company’s back office procedures to new, more professional foundations!
Want to know how your company will benefit from Microsoft 365?

With Microsoft 365 you are getting a rock solid management system with all the benefits of up to date cloud based systems. All colleagues can reach all the data from literally anywhere, and this gives a volume to both the internal and external communication.
We help you to level up!
Stash your business data and reach all of it online!

Say goodbye to the chaos and  outdated half-measures, say goodbye to lost data! You can reach all the important business files within a few clicks! We at Bitmist will help you to find the best IT solutions, so your business can reach its maximum productivity.

We will bring you the best of Microsoft solutions and will customize it to your business profile!

We also bring you quality change into your workflow and also into your customer handling! Microsoft Office 365 is a transparent, cloud based system designed to store all your business data in a way that it is accessible from anywhere anytime. Maximum productivity with flawless back office processes.

Our experts help you to harness all the possibilities of Office 365. With intelligent automation nothing will stop your business from growing. We will mop up all the outdated business processes in a few weeks. Besides that we will train your employees how to handle the new system. Your staff will have the knowledge of using Microsoft 365 at their fingertips in a moment!

Satisfied customers, healthy working environment, stable basis, stable business success...this is our vision!