Profit maximisation by automation - The end of 60 hours working weeks

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Many of you may be familiar with the situation where the profit indicator fails to budge upward despite all the team’s best efforts, energy and intentions.
Eventually, working overtime helps nothing, the sales team is increasingly worn out and desperate as they try to deliver, but all they achieve is 1-2% cursory profit increase at most, with a subsequent backlash.
This manifests as stress, burnout and extremely high workforce turnover.

The good news is that this can be avoided. Automation can easily bring about increased profits in any industry, sector or special field. This article reveals you how.

We know that you also seek to boost your company’s profits alongside its revenues.
You have just found the global leading CRM and Cloud Platform, and the team of experts at BitMist who help your company from planning to implementation.

Time is not on your side. Is automation?

Convincing prospects in the B2B sector is extremely time and energy consuming. Any flaw in the system (e.g. because you use outdated software) or slowness in pitching your proposition (e.g. because employees are busy and try to reduce the number of unread e-mails and scheduled tasks to two digits) will neither acquire nor retain any customers. And profit growth will remain only a dream.

Many SMEs face this challenge right before their growth stage. Lead numbers are quite right, employees know the ropes, so what could be wrong? The problem is that the more prospects you have, the less time and energy you have for them.

Stick of Swiss knife? Find out for yourself before you pay (the earth)!

Everyone dreams of a solution tailored to their company. There is no leader who would rather opt for a system with 1-2 proposed solutions available, and it is only up to sheer luck whether it solves the company’s problem or not. Market players in CRM know that so they claim that their system can be 100% customised to the company and its leaders’ requirements. This is not always the case.

What can you as a conscious leader do against it? Request a custom demo for your company before you pay for the unknown! You will instantly find out whether you are offered a “stick” or a “Swiss knife”.

Beware of gurus! Unless...

Most automation gurus and “CRM masters” visit their clients asking what they want exactly. Then the client gets it (at best). We at BitMist, on the other hand, believe that we can propose the solutions you really need after identifying the business process, the problem/challenge and the goals/expected results. This is often not what you requested, however, the desired outcome – i.e. profit growth through automation – will be granted.

Automation is not a panacea

Although nothing can make up for human prowess, ideally scaled automation can help avoid overtime, and everybody can deal what they are proficient at and really like doing. And, of course, profit-making becomes much easier. Even so, automation also needs and has its boundaries. Not even automation can boost profits with a bad team. If, however, ideal IT and technology solutions are “charged with” creativity and professionalism, profit improvement becomes possible.

Sometimes you are just an inch from resounding success. This inch is something a partner expert in automation can give you. Someone who can make the system work efficiently in cooperation with your team or thinking for them. This system can take pressure, ready to work around the clock and never needs a lunch break.

Ideal partner & platform + first-class employees = Easy profit growth

There are multiple ways to achieve profit increase. You certainly need a “partner” who comes up with solutions tailored to your company, be it process optimisation or sales network management. For example, Lightware, a customer of ours works with 11 foreign partner offices globally. Following the international coordination of their sales workflow lead processing efficiency rose by 180% that resulted in a sharp increase of the company’s profit.

Profit-making is important, so are employees

We know how important it is for you and your company to make profits. For us too. But we also know that the way you realise it does make a difference. A company can only be successful in the long run if it puts its people first. Overtime is out. Automation is in. If you share our view that the path to profit increase is through automation instead of exhausting your people, you find us here.

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