On-premise systems

'On-premise' is a local IT environment operated by an internal IT department (or a service company).

The purchase (or rental) of the machines involves the construction and maintenance of your own infrastructure – software, network and server room – ensuring the conditions for the proper operation of the machines.

Scalability - in the case of an 'on-premise' solution - can be achieved by purchasing and configuring additional machines, and sometimes by expanding the IT team.

Disadvantages of on-premise systems

• scaling difficulty – in the on-premise model, scaling is done by purchasing additional machines, which may entail additional costs (e.g. expansion of the server room)

• you need your own (or rented) service room – preparing a special room and maintaining the right conditions can be cumbersome and expensive

• hardware maintenance – servers are owned by the company, so the IT team has to spend time physically servicing machines, which can sometimes come at the expense of development and support activities

• it requires own or outsourced IT service personnel

• we have to take care of the security of the entire IT system, data backup, skilled personnel and their training as well

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